Support / FAQ
Here you will find all you need to know about us and our products.

For further inquiries please contact us via our contact-form.

Who is Pulpsoft and what is it all about?
Pulpsoft is a project that aims to conceptualize and realize novel products for the digital era that are above all intuitive and easy to use.

What are the system requirements for PULPceiver iTV?
PULPceiver iTV runs on Windows (Windows XP, ME und 2000) utilizing Windows Media Player (from version 9). For QuickTime or Real Video Internet-Streams respective ActiveX Controls are required (implemented in RealPlayer und QuickTime).

Comes PULPceiver iTV for free?
Download and use of PULPceiver iTV are basically for free - but since we have expenditures for development and distribution of PULPceiver iTV, the system is distributed as donationware (i.e. you can give us money, but don't have to).

How much shall I donate for PULPceiver iTV?
That's easy: as much as you value the trial.
However, we ask you not to donate sums below $1 as in this case the booking expenditures exceed the earnings.

Why is no manual for PULPceiver iTV available?
To allow the distribution of PULPceiver iTV as donationware the expenditures for development were kept as low as possible. Hence, the system is so easy to use, that detailed introductions should not be necessary. Some advices regarding the operation of the system can be found in this FAQ.

How can I edit the channels in PULPceiver iTV?
All channels are stored in the "channels" directory within the PULPceiver iTV program directory. Here channels can be added, changed or deleted (the channel list is imported at program start).

Where can I find new channels?
Current channels can be found on websites that list online TV broadcasters or directly on online broadcaster websites.

Are updates available for the PULPceiver iTV channel list?
No - but each new version of PULPceiver iTV comes with an up to date channel list. In the case of a large demand for updated channel lists, the possibility that we provide regular and updated lists is thinkable in future.

Where can I download the latest program versions?
The current PULPceiver iTV version can be downloaded and paid directly under downloads.
PULPcorder is distributed through an own website, from where you can download the latest trial version. The link for downloading the latest full version you receive when purchasing PULPcorder.

Why is PayPal the only payment method possible?
In our opinion PayPal is the best system for online payments currently available. If you cannot use PayPal for payments, we can in exceptional cases arrange the payments as advanced payments or cash on delivery (only available within Germany). In this case please contact us.

Further inquiries regarding PULPcorder are answered on our PULPcorder website.